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  • 30 October 2021
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Hi. Today I have been to your shop and needed a sim for me for my next stay in Italy in winter, I was asked for the refill and I knew smallest was 10 for sure at Very, but the dealer said the less possible is 15 Euro as 5 euro goes for activation. But as I can see the activation is free. Is it? And i just got it all on my balance. I will not need my tariff and will not use Very in future two months and all my balance will just expire for nothing. Why they refused me to refill 10 at dealer? Can I pause my tariff so that I will use my balance when I will return back to Italy and EU? Thank you!

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You can’t suspend your voice plan, so you’ll lost the 10 euros on the sim balance if you don’t use Very Mobile.

You could call the customer care and say that you lost your SIM, but I don’t know if you need to buy again another when you’ll need.

Sorry for my bad English.


Why did you guys blocked me from browsing abroad ?

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