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  • 5 July 2021
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Ciao a tutti!

Today (~9h ago) I went to the “Negozi Very” and bought a Very SIM card. When I came back home I inserted the card into my phone… and nothing happens. There is no network connection (phone shows “Emergency calls only”).

I entered the “Network settings” and changed APNs to “” (according to: 

The previous address was “internet.wind”. Nothing new happened. 

In the “Look for network manually” field - the phone finds “Wind” network but informs that it’s unavailable to connect it (nor can connect any other found network).

I inserted the SIM card into another phone but everything looks the same.


Any suggestions what to do? Should I wait longer for an activation? I thing it should’ve already been activated if I bought it in official Very Negozi... Maybe should I configure sth more by myself?

Best wishes to all. :) I hope somebody can help me; feel free to answer in Italian.

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4 commenti

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@Bartosz why don’t you ask to the shop itself where you bought your SIM?

Yes, if nothing changes I plan to go there and ask about it.

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@Bartosz I think you should! Normally when you buy a SIM in a Very Mobile official shop (one of those you can find on they activate your SIM immediately. Is the shop where you bought it an official one?

@Riccardo Martini 

Yes, It was bought in the official shop found on the website. 

I traveled back to the shop. There were any problems with activating SIM card. I got money back. 

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